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April 20, 2014
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Navigation Suite Yahoo-liked-Ajax Tabs Art of TransMenu Reviews

 The navigation suite comes with several built-in menu styles: vertical and horizontal. Gain a ultimate freedom to make your own menu style with XSL and samples. Can be used as a SkinObject and a normal module as well . CSS and XSL files are included for customization. This offers a new way to extend the traditional way of navigation in DotnetNuke. Add this to your site and it will look totally different. Sometimes, your customers want to have different menu style than dropdown and this is the way. Or you have current skins and want to make them a bit better, more infomative? In addition with ready built-in styles, you have all the XSL source codes which is a lot easier to modify than DNN menu system. This is a only product allow you to have a complex menu system like other commercial sites and Search Engine Friendly ready.

Ideal for Shop, Bookstore, and many other kind of website that have many categories+information and need to be seen by customers at first look!

Work with existing DNN structure and skin, easy to choose menu style

 Compatible: DNN 4.x, 4.5.x,4.6.x,4.7.x,4.8.x  tested) (there is  version for  3.x on request only)

 New in version 1.3.4

+Added a RTL SEO Memu, a Pure CSS 3 rounded corner)
+Can be use to display categories of DNN Store (default core module), this offer another nice way to display categories on your store using DNN store module
+Compatible with ASPStoreFront shoping cart modules

New in version 1.3.2

+Added 3 color option skins ( Please install module first, then install skin package , Source file Fireworks .PNG included)

+Added styles -- DLL size is only 52Kb, compared with 250 Kb of Solpart

+Implement Iportable interface

+Optional caching

+Fix disabled page issue

+Can be used with Appolo-Page localizer or Locopon DS-Localizer for multi-languages site.

+SkinObject is installed automatically

New in version 1.2.9_3

+Added a client side expand-collapsible vertical menu (sub menu will be showed without reload page)

+Added 2 dynamic menu Pure CSS style (one vertical flyout and one dropdown based http://www.cssplay.co.uk, other style from this site can be easily added)

+One colorful style for those who need difference color for each session of web site.

+Improved performance for using many instance of menus in one page.

+Another better mouse hover horizontal model (HorizonTab6_hover), submenu items can be manually adjust to appear only bellow related top level menu. A similar menu of this style is here:http://www.apress.com/ and here :http://www.nrl.com.au/The style comes with this package is even better since you can manually adjust position of sub menu items.

+Another cool menu for DNN:Image sliding menu ,see at :http://www.dnn360.net

New in version 1.2.8

+ Ability to select which tabs are visible in the menu. This will be useful to have a 2 or more menus on the same page. In settings, you could pick which tabs should show in which menu.

+ Horizontal 15 template now can wrap top level (useful when you need long tab name and have numerous top level tab). By set “Wrap” in description field, you can manually put the Tab to another row which allow total look and feel control.

New in version 1.2.7
+ Ability to hide Admin and host items (for shorter menu when logged as admin or host user, if you not use this menu for admin or have another instance as admin menu).
+Ability to show Admin + Host only for admin purpose (put in admin skin,…)

[Some ready built-styles] [Build your new style!] ,Demo short,easy Url here (256Kb) Unicode_ShortURL.rar


New in version 1.2.6

+Arrow vertical menu

+Slackdot vertical menu

+Ability to select root of menu (scope of display)

    1. [Active Tab as ROOT] menu always display items which are child of current Tab

    2. [A specific tab ROOT] This option is based on request for many scenarios of big company which must have many division and each divison has its own root. Can have many menus with different roots in one page showing different part of portals.
    3. [NORMAL] : portal root as root

+Added one bar only model (no dropdown, root only, dropdown for admin and host, background image for item , change background image by mouse hover)

+Added bulleted vertical model

New in version 1.2.4

  • Added one mouse hover support template
  • "Son of SuckerFish" Menu ( unlimited level)

New in version 1.2.1

  • Display Hidden Pages Flag for display hidden pages in vertical styles.

New in version 1.2

  • Fix minor javascript error when using Horizontal style.
  • Conform Css 2.0
  • Added 3 more Horizontal styles.
  • Optimize Dll file is only 36Kb compare with 260Kb of solpartMenu, You Dotnetnuke will run faster .
  • Compatible with Apollo-software.nl language selector.
  • Compatible with Delisoft.DSLocalizer language selector.

Version 1.1

  • Allow 2 menu in one page, the vertical one expand at a specific level arcording to the top one to avoid duplication links.

    Transparent background

  • Included 10 options color for use with style 4 and 11
  • Added 12 Containers
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